Adopting a dog from Greece

Don't expect anything in the beginning!


A rescuedog is very different from a dog that comes from a breeder or from a Dutch shelter, don't invite everyone to come and admire your dog in the first few days, keep it small.

Walk the same small round in the beginning, usually their stamina is not that big yet, and it is nice for the dog to walk the same predictable round in the beginning.


Some dogs have never even lived in a house.


Have patience. Do not rush, do not force, it can sometimes take weeks before they are completely used to it, but then you also have a friend for life.

Enthusiastically rewarding, talking and playing Everything you do with the dog contains a learning element.

That is why it remains very important to make contact positive. By talking to him, he keeps in touch with you and he "knows that he belongs".

By talking to him enthusiastically and encouragingly, he knows at what moments he is really pleasing you. Play with him in a relaxed way, but immediately try to turn the game into an educational experience.

Like hiding things or something tasty under a cloth. After all, he always learns and at any time. Then it is useful to promote his thinking, so that he is better able to solve problems later.

Always remember that playfully the keyword to self-confidence and zest for work is.

Always be aware that a dog is not bored. Boredom can give rise to undesirable behavior, such as chewing on a chair leg or digging over the garden.

Make sure that the dog has enough, and also different kinds of, toys per day. In the wild, a dog always has plenty to explore. Twigs, leaves, beetles, a puddle of water, everything has its attention.

When the dog in the house does not have enough things to hold his attention to, he will indulge his research drive on furniture, carpet or whatever.


Alternate his toys every day, then they will always remain exciting.